Today was awesome we really appreciate the STEM Belle and we pray that God bless you. In today activities we learnt about many things in the lecture class by Mr oluwatosin aderibigbe and Jumoke Adenowo they talked to us about how they develop to be an expert in Computer science. Miss Doreen Anene also talked to us how we women can be an ambassador and how we can define our career part, she told us not to stick to oneself but be open minded to learn. It was interactive and wonderful.

We were introduced Robotic system, we were told that  a ROBOT is a machine that resemble human being which helps perform repetitive human movement and functions, advantage and disadvantages of robot. We were made to understand the rules of a robot, which state that a robot may not injure human being or through in action allow human to be harmed. The second law state that robot must obey order given to it by human being except where such order would conflict with the first law.

The last law state that robot must protect it own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the first and second. After the Robotic class we did a test and our group came out to be the best  and we were given a gift before we all match in to the dinner room . In conclusion, we were very excited and we really enjoyed it very much.

We thank God and Miss Doreen for helping us to provide that delicious food after that we went to our rooms to rest.

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