Entering into the Boot Camp Venue

The first day was great and amazing and we were all welcome to stem belle boot camp, we did a covid 19 test  and we all tested negative. We were directed to our room where we met different students from different schools, we  played together, solved puzzle and  had fun . We were told to  choose the game we played with the puzzle and return it when we are done .

The teacher taught us the meaning of each alphabet .It was fantastic . We were grouped according to our bag colors into rooms and groups .we all matched to the dinner room to have dinner ,before dinner there were introduction of STEM belle staffs and we had lesson on those women that are successful in Nigeria. Miss Doreen Anene introduced herself, briefed us about the Boot camp and the reason why we girls need to take STEM to the next level and she told us to express how we felt and what we are expecting at the Boot camp .

Some student  who had been to STEM belle boot camp also shared their experience. We also learnt about new claps like chicken republic clap, rain clap and love clap. It was interesting. She also gave us the rules and regulations that we must follow during our stay in the Boot camp.

We were given keys to our rooms and we were grouped into two. It was really nice and encouraging ,they gave us assurance that if we can co-operate , we can definitely make it.
In conclusion today was very interesting day for us and tonight food was amazing and delicious.

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